Storage Solutions for Twine

Now that you have all the pretty colors of Baker's Twine, I wanted to share some storage solutions that is both practical and affordable.

The 10yd spools of twine come wound on a sturdy plastic spool which can be strung on a metal "O" ring. Easy to see your colors and easy access. The other great thing about the plastic spools is that there is a slit where the ends of the twine can be slipped through so that they don't get tangled with each other. The "O" ring can easily be hung up or stored in your craft drawer.

Another storage option is to place the spools into these mini plastic organizers. There are a total of 7 compartments, more than enough room for all the different twine colors. You could also store ribbon, embellies and other small nick knacks in this organizer.

For those of you who purchased the larger 240 yd spools, you probably don't have any slatwall lying around in your craft room (*wink*). Instead, you could use pegboard with metal pegs, or even wooden dowels to replicate this idea. You'll need just a little handy work to put this together.

Hope this gives you some storage ideas for your twine.

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Joy said...

love the baker twine...especially the purple one! lol! you are on a roll bringing in so much goodies! thanks for doing that! have a great weekend!

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