The Many Uses of Twine...

I get asked a lot: "What do you do with Twine?"

A: There are so many different uses of twine, thought I'd share a few examples that my g/f's and I made at Scrapper's Jam.

Baker's Twine is perfect on tags! They add a nice pop of color to finish off your tags.

In the photo below, Claudette used the Dark Red twine as the tie off, as well as on the banner string to add some dimension and texture to her Cosmo Cricket tag.

In the next example, Leslie used both the Dark Green and Dark Red twine (which are perfect colors for X-mas tags) as the tie off and cute bow on the buttons.

These tags are adorable and you can get the Baker's Twine in both 240 yard spools as well as smaller 10 yard spools. That way, you can try every color without having to spend a fortune on such a large spool.

Another great use of twine is to use it on your packaging to add that cute little element to spruce up your gift.

Here I die cut a take-out box out of Kraft paper. I LOVE Kraft and the different colors of twine look so nice against the natural color. I used the Purple twine and wrapped it twice around the box, finishing it off with a bow. Then I added a butterfly diecut to the front of the box for decoration. Who knew something so simple could look so cute!!


Another great use of Twine is to use it on your favor boxes!!!

Instead of using ribbon, here I used the Baby Pink twine on a strawberry favor box I made for a customer.

Lastly, instead of using ribbon, I used the Dark Pink twine to tie off the ends of the candy favor box.

As you can see, Baker's twine is a very versatile fiber that you can use on any craft project. It adds a little cute element that just makes it perfect. Please stop by the store if you can to see these gorgeous projects in person. And you can visit the online store to view all the pretty colors!

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Cyndi said...

very cute ideas for twine!