48-Hour Pre-Order Special - Copic X-Press It Products!!

New Copic X-Press It Products!

These were released from Copic at the summer 2010 CHA!! Pre-Order by Saturday 9/18/2010 to get 15% OFF the Blending Paper & 10% Off the Adhesives!!


This has us very excited! Marianne Walker mentioned a couple months ago that she recommended this paper to anyone living in Australia (because they can’t get Neenah over there), and now it's coming to Pineapple Cove!!

Why did we fall in love with this paper? Because it blends beautifully, it bleeds less than our old favorite, Neenah Classic Crest, and it has a nice, bright white color.

It will be available in a large pack with 125 sheets of 8.5"x11" OR a smaller pack of 25 sheets. It is about 92 lb. paper -- just a little heavier than the Neenah, but it is a much tighter grained paper, so it doesn't feel too thick.

Here’s an example Marianne colored for you:

If you look at this close up on the pink popsicle, you can see that the Neenah is a much softer paper, and it can feather if you don't let it dry a little between layering colors and/or color too closely to the stamped lines. This gets to be a big problem when you're working with intense reds and other dark colors.

The Blending Card, however, gives nice blends without bleeding and you don't have to wait or be careful! I love it! Because it is not as soft as the Neenah, it takes less ink to color so your marker lasts longer before needing to be refilled.

Here is a video from CHA of Marianne Walker talking about the new blending card on YouTube.


Another new product Copic is importing from our friends in Australia is something that has proven to be very popular, X-Press It High Tack, Double-Sided Tape:

This tape is extremely high tack, acid free, easy to use, and comes in 3 sizes: 1/8", 1/4", and 1/2". Originally developed for the picture framing industry in Australia, this tape is perfect for paper crafting. Rolls are very inexpensive, and there's a lot of tape on each roll as well -- 55 yards on rolls of 1/2" and 1/4", 27 yards on the 1/8" rolls.

X-Press It Tape is heat resistant (you can heat-emboss with it) and very strong. You can even use it for hemming pants and it will survive the washer and dryer!

High Tack tape is easy to use. It tears cleanly with your fingers and the liner/backing is easy to peel off.

Both the Blending Paper & Adhesives are expected to arrive at Pineapple Cove by September 30th. So Pre-Order your's today & SAVE!!!

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