Baker's Twine

Baker's Twine is popping up everywhere in the DIY world...you'll find them being used on cards, packaging, envelopes, banners, tags, invitations and more!! It add's a nice pop of color to any project!!

Here at Pineapple Cove, we just added 5 new colors of Baker's Twine to our collection!

* Purple
* Dark Pink
* Brown
* Dark Red
* Dark Green

Like our other colors, they are available in both 240 yd spools as well as 10 yd spools!

Baker's Twine is made right here in the USA out of 100% Cotton. You can find them in a variety of colors, click HERE to see them all!

Here are just a few other ways to use this versatile twine:

  • crocheting flowers, butterflies, etc.
  • tying bows in buttons
  • creating flower stems
  • making a looped border on layouts and cards
  • tying tags to layouts and cards
  • using it as a border on a card or layout
  • wrapping it around a part of a tag, card, or cardstock on a layout

Enjoy & Happy Crafting!

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Linda said...

Hey ManLe! Great seeing you at the Jam! And thanks for selling the twine in a 10-yard spool!