Mahalo Iris!

I wanted to share this beautiful RAK from Iris...she came by for Sally's Pizza Box class yesterday and dropped off this "Spam Can" Girls Day goodie!

Can you believe it's a can of spam? You know we all love Spam here in Hawaii - why not recycle the containers? Iris says it's super easy - simply take a 3"x12" DP paper to wrap around the can and decorate to your hearts content. Then, simply use some pliers to dull down the sharp edge where the can is opened. Iris recommends that you use the Red Tacky tape to adhere the DP to the can - as the regular Meriken tape doesn't stick well against the metal.

Look at the homemade goodies she stuffed inside. Makes such a durable container that can be re-used. Thanks Iris!! I love it!


Jenny said...

Be careful!! Those brownies are addicting!


joni h said...

those cans are neat! I tried, but, can't figure out how to make the insides "dull." yum! brownies!

Pineapple Cove said...

Jenny - So addicting! I was going to just take a bite, but ending up eating the whole thing!

Joni - Looks like the edges were just pushed downward so it lay flat. I can ask Iris how she did it so the edges didn't cut or snag on anything. I have the sample in the store if you want to take a look at it.