Handmade Gifts

Looking for cute little gifts to stuff in goodie bags, give away for Girl's Day, or just because? Check out some of the handmade gifts we have stocked in the store.

When you don't have time to make your own, check out the ready made gifts available at Pineapple Cove.

Both these gifts are great for the office, or to have around the house to jot down notes. The first is a post-it holder, covered with an slot for an adorable little pen.

Then, we also have coaster clip-boards with matching jumbo clip. These come in a variety of colors and styles.

Thanks for stopping by & checking out our blog!


Michele said...

Love these gifts ManLe! What a great idea to sell already made gifts for people who are short on time to make it themselves. If I lived closer, I'd be stopping by a lot more! :-) Hope all is well!


Michelle U said...

What a great idea! Yes I agree with Michele, if I lived closer, you would have to kick me out, lol! Or pretend that you are closed and shut off the lights, lol!


Joy said...

cute handmade goodies! what a smart idea to sell those sweet creations to those who don't have time! love it!

Lynn said...

Manle, I enjoyed talking to you yesterday. Now I wish I bought the rubber stamp of the little boy with the dinosaurs...oh well, next time. Keep up the great blog!

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