How to Use EZ Mount Foam

Are your wood block stamps taking up too much room? Or did you buy some unmounted stamps, and not too sure how you'll get them to cling to your acrylic blocks? Introducing, EZ Mount Cushion made by Sunday International. This premium static cling mounting cushion will turn any rubber stamp into a cling stamp to be used with your acrylic blocks. Please watch the tutorial below to see how easy it is to convert your unmounted stamps.

The EZ Mount cushion comes in both the Grey foam, to be used on unmounted stamps. As well as the black thin cushion, which are for stamps that already come mounted with foam (ie. Stampin up stamps).

Please Note: It is not recommended that you store any of your EZ Mount stamps on Aacetate Sheets. Acetate is made with chemicals that will react with EZ Mount and any other cling cushion type product, making an almost permanent bond between the sheet and your cling cushion.

For a step-by-step illustration on how to mount your unmounted stamps, or how to convert your wood block stamps to EZMount stamps, visit our Tutorial section on our website by clicking HERE.

Should you have any questions, please don't hesitate to call, email or visit the store!

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