Remember the 80's?

Taking you back...

- Snap on bracelets would get you in trouble at school.
- You read Nancy Drew, The Hardy Boys, The Babysitters Club or Sweet Valley High.
- You know what a Banana Clip is and used to own one.
- You owned a Trapper Keeper.
- Cerise pink, electric blue and banana yellow was featured in your wardrobe or make-up collection.
- You rocked to songs like Ice Ice Baby, Hangin' Tough & Can't Touch This.

I loved the 80's! That's why I was so excited to learn that The Greeting Farm released a Limited Edition 80's Anya stamp today! Her crimped hair, leg warmers and off the shoulder top truly represented the fashion trends of that time. There's only a limited supply available, so be sure to stop by Pineapple Cove to get your 80's Anya!!

P.S....remember the blue eyeshadow? At least that hasn't gone out of style!! =)

Card was designed by Anya Club Design Team Member Jacquie

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