Meet Roxie!

I got a surprise visit from a furry little friend last week...meet Roxie! Isn't she a cutie? Look, she's totally smiling for the camera too...wonder if she gets that from Claudette or Miguel? =)

Thanks Claudie & Miguel for stopping by and letting me meet cute little/big Roxie! She's so adorable in her outfit - T-shirt & Khaki pants. I loved watching her run around the store in those pants.

Hope she can visit again!


Islander Girl said...

Hahahahaha!!! I love the pic of the both of you! I'm gonna scrapbook it! ooh, I need to take a pic of the store front!!! Roxy's taking after her mommy and her love of scrapbooking/crafts (^o^)

When you get the chance (no hurry) pls. send me the pics!

Have fun to day making the cute soaps! Thanks so much for my goodie! I'll never use it! haha!

Janis said...

OMG, those are such sweet photos. You need to add those to the wall of fame!!!

the land of the happy himawari babies said...

so cute!! i love animals too! and all your designs are great. i'm happy to know that kahala mall now has a great craft store that i can hop to any time. :) hope to meet you one day soon

joni h said...

Roxy is SO cute!! did you cut your hair?! Like the projects that you did!

Joy said...

awe...Roxie is so cute! she's such a big dog for being a yorkie but she's still adorable! I hope to meet her too! thanks for sharing those pictures!