Digi Know?

Digi know that resaving JPGs over and over again will cause the quality to degredate? I sure didn't, but I learned this today from the talented Claudette San Pedro who taught our Digi 101 Scrapbooking class today @ Pineapple Cove. We were so lucky and fortunate to have her come teach. She did an amazing job. Thank you so much Claudette for taking time out of your schedule..I can't wait for the next one!!

We were so fortunate to have Mindy Terasawa donate her Monkey Do Kit which everyone received a copy of. We also received a template from her Moss Scape Quickpages which was used as an excercise in class. Here's my finished layout I made of me and my sister. Everyone says we look like twins...really? cause I don't see it. =)

Working on the layout excercise, we learned about layers, how to use quick pages, different tools within PSE, how to drop shadow, erase parts of a photo without deleting another image and how to save our digi layouts for printing. PNG files were explained as well as other file formats like psd and jpg.

I forgot my memory card at home, so I'll have to upload photos of the class tonight to the sidebar. I learned so much today and had lots of fun with the girls, thanks again Claudette!! Until next time...


Islander Girl said...

I'm not sure I told you, but I love this LO of you and your sister! You guys definitely look like twins!

Thanks so much for letting me teach, I had fun! And it was such a pleasure working with you and chatting! Thanks for exposing my obsession with laundry (^o*) haha! You could have said I was in a movie! hahah! j/k!

Oh email me when you can and LMK which IM you're using!

Janis said...

Love your layout. In the photo, you guys look like twins but in person, you totally look different.

Thanks for the info about the degenerating quality of JPEGs. So sad, huh? Can't wait until the next class. I gotta fix my page up before posting it.

joni h said...

Cute layout! And who is that Narcissus Queen? You, ManLe? Thanks for letting me come in & chat with you! Hope I don't get in your way at the store.