1st Class @ Pineapple Cove

I want to thank Marie, Dana, Jay, Janine, Mey, Fuji, Jennifer & her daughter for attending the first class we had @ Pineapple Cove! I had so much fun showing you how to make the pop-up card...hope you all enjoyed it as well!

To view more photos from the class, checkout the new gadget I added on the sidebar. Jennifer's daughter was SOO cute...she sat there quietly the whole time watching mommy craft. Another highlight was when Mey made us all laugh with her upside down card....and Victor was able to capture it all on film.

Victor and I want to thank you all sincerely for all your support as we experience the many "firsts" here @ the Cove. It's been a big learning experience for us, and I've gotten the chance to meet so many talented island crafters who share a love and passion for paper crafting. I FINALLY have people to talk to about this crazy, endless, exciting, creative and amazing hobby....who get excited over things like paper, gadgets and ribbon. =) So thank you!


Joy said...

congrats on your first class! it must have been so much fun! can't wait to see you this weekend!

Deslynn said...

Congrats on your first class. If I was living on Oahu I would have loved to attend your class, but I live on Kauai.

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