Sew Easy & Yo Yo Maker

I finally got a chance to play with my Sew Easy tool and Flower Yo-Yo Maker that have been HOT sellers here at Pineapple Cove!

Here's the card I came up with. Simple and clean.

The leaves were made using the Sew Easy tool with the large Vine piercing head. I LOVED how they turned out. The holes that were pierced by the tool made it SEW easy to bamboo stitch the vines and loop stitch the leaves. I also loved the fact that I was able to swirl the tool along my paper to create the crooked vines.

Hand stitching the vines brought back so many memories of my grandmother. She taught my sister and I how to embroider when we were in elementary school. We each got a set of floss which she braided into a rope so we could easily pull out the colors we needed. She then sketched some vines, leaves and flowers onto a pillow case for our first project. I LOVED it!!! I know I have the pillow case tucked away somewhere for keepsake...miss you Grandma!

The fabric flowers here were made with the Flower Yo Yo maker in size small. I just took a few scraps of fabric and followed the instructions that come with the tool to make these adorable fabric flowers. I thought they added a nice touch to the hand stitched vines. Next project...I hope to use the flower and butterfly yo yo's to make some hair clips.

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