Sew Easy Tips & Tricks - Part 2

Here are some "basics" on getting the most out of your Sew Easy!

Before you can start piercing, it's important to have the right Piercing Mat:

  • You need a firm but soft base like foam to allow the piercing tool to pierce holes through your paper easily.
  • If your mat is too hard, the paper will crumple, as there is no "give"
  • The Sew Easy Piercing Mat is ideal to use, but I've had success with using a soft mouse pad too
Now that you have your tools in hand, let's talk about paper:


We R Memory Keepers recommend that you use "paper or light card" weight with the Sew Easy tool. With a little practice, you are able to pierce through thicker cardstock weight like Bazzill Basics using the following technique:

  • You will want to keep the edge of the pierce head parallel to your paper like the illustration below. If you don't keep it parallel, your pressure will not be even, which will result in crumpled paper.

  • If you are using thicker cardstock, push the Sew Easy tool along steadily and firmly. If you roll too quickly, the holes won't pierce through, but you will still get some indentations that you can easily go through with a straight pick piercing tool.
  • When pushing downward, use your elbows and not just your finger. You won't get enough pressure with just your finger, and it will help minimize the paper/cardstock from shifting and crumpling.
  • Lastly, thread up your needle with floss and stitch away!
Tomorrow's post will feature how to use your Sew Easy tool to make a circle!

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