Sidewalk Sale Re-Cap

Boy has it been a busy week and busier weekend with the sidewalk sale! Thanks to everyone who stopped by to take advantage of the discounts and Crafting @ the Cove Membership offer. We truly appreciate all your support and it's always a pleasure seeing you and catching up on your latest projects and happenings. I wanted to share some photos taken today as well as send out some special thank yous...

First, a BIG SPECIAL MAHALO to my girl Linda over at Simple and Sassy Creations for taking time away from her crafting to spend a day helping me with today's Make-n-Take. She generously helped me cut out 150 Hello Kitty embossed heads and helped me run the table. We had a blast chatting away as usual and learned lots about each other. It sure made the time pass quickly. I enjoyed every minute of it..thanks girl for everything! I owe you big time!

Here's the cute HK head she so generously cut for me...150 of them can you believe it!

Secondly, BIG MAHALO to all of you girls who mentioned my sale on your blog. Teri (Big Ideas from a Little Girl); Joy (Tamiko's); Claudette (Islander Girl Stampin); Janis (Creative Expressions); Linda (Simple & Sassy Creations). If I missed anyone, I am SO SO sorry! I'm so blessed to have met so many wonderful people who share the same passion for paper crafting, your support is sincerely appreciated and I Thank You greatly!!

Third, I have to thank HueLe, my sister for holding down the fort in the store while I'm downstairs at the Make-n-Take table. She's SO not into crafting...and doesn't have a clue when people ask her what type of adhesive would be good, or what an acrylic stamp is. But she's cute, friendly and can run the register...so I am always grateful for her help! To my BFF Judith...she kept me company on Friday, the first day of the sale. The sweetest person you'll ever meet...always supporting me and offering help wherever she can. You're the best friend a girl could ever want, so glad you're in my life!

And last, but of course not least, to Victor who always remained calm and supportive while I stressed and scrambled around getting everything ready for the sale. You always give me perspective and keep me thinking on the positive side, even when things seem impossible! You are my rock, xoxo!

Lastly, two more photos to share. The girls from Aloha Windward's Military Scrapbookers came by the table today to make the Hello Kitty gift card holder. These girls are so hilarious...especially when you are all together. Hope you enjoyed making the gift card..I always enjoy your visits...and next time you come by, make sure to bring me your projects so I can see what you've been working on!

Here's Linda with Cami from Capture a Heart who stopped by to say Hello and meet Linda for the first time. She was so generous to buy Linda and I some adorable Truffle Cones from Godiva...they were so cute. Thanks Cami!!

That's it for tonight...gotta go home and get some rest for tomorrow, the last day of the sale! Hopefully I'll remember to take some more photos tomorrow to give you a re-cap of the weekend. In addition, we got in some new products that I'll be posting about after this weekend. So happy crafting everyone and I'll talk to you soon!


Linda said...

Hi ManLe! I had a blast with you yesterday - thanks for having me! It was fun doing the make & take and helping new crafters as well as seasoned crafters make the GC holders. Don't forget to let me know the next time you need help! This is my little way to help support our local businesses! Hope you have a successful day today! Hugs, Linda

Joy said...

so sad I missed the sale! but I will still have to stop by and check out this store! soon! thanks for sharing those wonderful pics and the cute make n take! it must have been so much fun! have a great week!

Teri said...

Bummers that I missed out on the make & take that Linda helped you with! But I'm glad that I was able to stop by on Friday! Awesome sale, I got some cute papers and got to meet Victor! He is so sweet! Your sister was really on it running the register...wish I could've stayed longer and shopped more...oh well, the next sale!! xo, Teri

Kyoko said...

Hi ManLe! I was so sad to miss your sale ... it was a busy day for me. Isn't my BFF Linda the greatest!! She's always helping others when needed. Hope I can meet you one day.