Storing Ribbon

As promised, here's a great way to organize and store your ribbon. You'll clear up that drawer full of ribbon rolls and make finding that perfect ribbon to go with your scrapbook page or card super quick & easy. I cased this idea from Nichole Heady who co-owns Papertrey Ink.

Here's what an organized mess full of ribbon may look like. The rolls are bulky, come in different sizes and takes up a whole lot of space. Once you start to stack your ribbon rolls, it's hard to see the design & colors on the bottom.

Nichole had the great idea of using clothespins to wrap her ribbon for easy storage. They come in two sizes and are also known as dollpins. The small is around 2-1/2" and is great for smaller yardage. The large is around 3-1/2" and I use those to wrap my 25yd rolls.

To get started, hold the end of your ribbon against the wooden pin towards the top and with your other hand, wrap the ribbon once around the pin. You will want to overlap the second layer over the first so that it holds the end in place and doesn't unravel. This also prevents from having to use tape to secure the end.

Next, you'll want to start wrapping your ribbon around the pin in a diagonal fashion while moving downward on the pin. Don't worry if your first layer has some some holes showing the wood. You'll end up covering those as you continue to wrap.

Once you reach the bottom, simply continue wrapping and start moving upward towards the top of the pin. Continue this downward and upward wind until you reach the end of your ribbon.

To secure the end, I simply use a flathead pin. These can be found in the sewing section of any craft store. If you are worried about the needle poking holes through your ribbon, especially the satin ones, you can always substitute the pin with some tape instead.

Lastly, I organize my ribbon by color and place them in a plastic or glass jar. This makes it easy for me to find the perfect color and style to use on my pages and cards. It takes very little space to store, and adds some decor to my craft room.

If you are interested in getting these clothespins, I have an order already in place so they should be arriving soon. I also have plastic jars perfect for these that come in two different sizes, large and small. The small jars are perfect for notions like buttons or brads.

Thanks for visiting and happy crafting until next time!


Linda said...

Hey! Wow - this is a great idea and it's so pretty too! TFS and have a great weekend! Hugs, Linda

P.S.: I left you an award on my blog ...

Jamee said...

thats a super cute idea and it adds decoration to your craft room!!!

Cheryl said...

It looks so pretty ManLe!!!

Linda said...

Hi ManLe! Me again ... I saw that one of the scrap gals had bought the jars for her "ribbon pins" today, and remembered this post. If you still have the jars available, can you save a few for me? I also need those dollpins. Let me know if you still have them and I'll stop by the store sometime this week to pick them up. Thanks again! xoxo, Linda