Add our badge to YOUR blog!

Yay..We've FINALLY got around to creating a badge for Pineapple Cove!!! Thanks Jen & Carmel for the nudge to get my butt on this.

The biggest compliment to us here at Pineapple Cove is the kind referrals our dedicated customers pass along to their friends!

We'd be honored for you to show your Pineapple Cove spirit on your own blog by adding our new badge to your sidebar!

It only takes a few simple steps!

1. Highlight & Copy the html code below:


<a href="http://www.pineapplecovedesigns.com/shop/"><img border="0" width="125"




2. Next, login to your blog and add a new HTML/JAVA SCRIPT gadget for the sidebar or your blog.

3. Paste the url code you copied above into the HTML/Java Script gadget.

3. Save the gadget (now containing the html) and re-publish your blog. Congrats! You just added our badge to your blog.

Email me should you run into any problems!! There are multiple ways to add this badge, and it may be a little different for you depending on which blog application you are using. Just contact me should you have any issues. Thanks for sharing the passion!

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