Aloha RAK

Last month, I participated in Jen Young's Aloha Fun RAK. The theme was to make a circle card..I've seen these all over blog land and have always wanted to make one. So this is what I came up with for my partner Colleen.

The best part...I was able to give my RAK to Colleen in person when she visited the store on vacation here with her family. What a treat it was to meet her in person.

The friends and relationships that I have gotten the chance to develop through the common passion for paper crafts have truly blessed my life. Thanks Jen, Michelle & Rina for bringing Colleen by the store!! You are all so talented and have such huge hearts!!

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Jen said...

It was such a fun day!!! Can't wait to swing by again and hang out. When the kids go back to school, should be easier! Big Hugs, Sister!! ~Jen