Our customers are so talented...I love it when they show me the projects that they've been working on. I get so much inspiration from them, and admire all the work and patience they put into their projects.

I wanted to showcase some beautiful work that I recently received that are on display at Pineapple Cove. The first is a set of tags that Leslie made for a craft fair. Look at all the details and embellishments on these tags..they are so pretty, you don't want to give them away!

The corrugated cardstock she used is so unique, and adds so much texture to the tag. These are gorgeous Leslie, I'm definatly keeping mine. =)

Next is a beautiful Christmas tree pin given to me by Edie. OMG - look at all the little details of the ornaments & garland. Let alone, how many little green beads it took to make the tree. I'm always amazed at all the projects Edie comes up with..she makes it look so easy!

Thank you girls for sharing your amazing work with me. I can't wait to see your projects in the new year!!

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hanksmom said...

you're so sweet to post these...thank you! Merry Christmas to you and Victor (and Ronin & Yumi)!

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